The programme is mainly aimed at intending solicitors and barristers in Hong Kong who have completed their Bachelor of Laws LL. These skills include legal research and writing, document drafting and analysis, problem-solving and advocacy.

Moreover, our students will learn professional ethics and analysis of company accounts. Most of our students have undertaken their undergraduate legal studies in prestigious law schools from common law jurisdictions around the world. Some of our mature students may be working or have worked in local law firms, others in the government and private sectors.

We have a cosmopolitan mix of PCLL students from diverse backgrounds. No other English language test e. TOEFL will be accepted. No exemptions will be granted. Medium of Instruction English. Applicants who: 1. Programme Admissions Advisor s Mr.

hku law gpa

Alwin Chan Email: alwinwh hku. Contacts Tel: Email: pcll hku. List of Programmes. Juris Doctor. Master of Common Law. Master of Laws. Master of Laws in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. Master of Laws in Chinese Law. Master of Laws in Compliance and Regulation.

Master of Laws in Corporate and Financial Law. Master of Laws in Human Rights. Master of Laws in Medical Ethics and Law. Postgraduate Certificate in Laws.Full-time Part-time Undergraduate Handbook Full-time University Assessment Policy The purpose of assessment is for both assessment of learning and assessment for learning.

Assessment is defined as the process of forming a judgment about the quality and extent of student achievement or performance. All types of assessment activities which allow for such a judgment are covered by this definition.

This Policy 1 sets out the philosophy, principles and regulations that guide and regulate assessment practices for undergraduate and taught postgraduate curricula at the University.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Philosophy of Assessment 1. The University Assessment Policy is underpinned by the notion that assessment should reflect what and how students have learnt, and should enhance, facilitate, and support their learning experiences. Students should be made aware of the expectations with respect to the standards of their performance in assessments, that they should behave with full academic integrity in all assessments and that they should receive timely feedback, in general or in the specific, on all assessments.

The University expects that its teachers will at all times conduct assessments with fairness and academic integrity. Principles of Assessment 2. Apart from assessment of learning, assessment should support learning, i. Care needs to be taken to ensure that assessment will motivate students to learn and promote a deep approach to learning. In the design of curricula and courses, assessment needs to be envisaged as an integral part of the student learning experience.

Rather than being seen as undesirable, this should be taken as an opportunity to drive and shape student learning. It provides an opportunity to focus learning on achieving desirable aims. Faculties have formulated learning outcomes for the curricula that they are offering. For the outcomes to be achieved, assessment needs to explicitly relate to learning outcomes and provide a test of, or evidence for, their achievement. Decisions regarding assessment including criteria and standards need to be made collaboratively amongst teaching staff at the time of drafting programme and course learning outcomes and not at the end of a teaching cycle.

University Assessment Policy

They include the forms of assessment to be used, the expectations with respect to student achievement and how these are to be communicated to students at the outset, the determination of results of assessments, the feedback to students etc.

Diverse forms of assessment are required to capture student achievement in a diversity of learning endeavours. In addition, assessment instruments which are highly reliable are often restricted to the testing of fairly narrow learning outcomes, such as knowledge per se rather than use, application and synthesis of knowledge.Only satisfactorily completed courses will earn credits. Click here to view the general expectations of student performance in the Faculty of Arts. Candidates shall not be permitted to repeat a course for which they have received a D grade or above for upgrading purposes.

Click here. Please refer to the website of the Examinations Office for details. Extracted from the website of the Examinations Office. Failed courses are recorded on the transcript with an F grade.

If you choose to repeat the failed course, the new grade obtained will be recorded in the semester in which you have retaken the course.

HKU - Degree Regulations and Course Descriptions

Failed credits do not count toward the fulfillment of the credit requirement of the BA degree. All failed grades will be taken into account when determining your honours classification. BA Regulation A13 stipulates that: Candidates shall be recommended for discontinualtion of their studies if they have:. This special proviso is implemented with the intention of encouraging you to be exploratory in your selection of Common Core courses in order for you to broaden your horizons even more thoroughly outside of your disciplinary studies.

Please note that the proviso will not apply to students in cases where they have been granted Advanced Standing or Credit Transfer for Common Core courses, and where they are required to complete less than 6 six-credit courses in the Common Core Curriculum for fulfilment of the graduation requirement as stipulated in UG5 of the Regulations for First Degree Curricula e.

For details, please refer to the relevant section s of the Regulations for First Degree Curricula. The classification of honours shall be determined by the Board of Examiners for the BA degree in accordance with the following Cumulative GPA CGPA scores, with all courses taken including failed courses carrying equal weighting:.

Updated: August 15, Faculty of Arts. HKU Home.

hku law gpa

Search Box. The Faculty of Arts upholds the principle that plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and any student found plagiarizing is liable to disciplinary action in addition to failing the assessment concerned. Please read the following webpage on "plagiarism" for details. Grade Expectations Click here to view the general expectations of student performance in the Faculty of Arts.

Upgrading Candidates shall not be permitted to repeat a course for which they have received a D grade or above for upgrading purposes.

Absence from Written Examination "Absence from examination If for any reason you have been unable to attend for any paper in an examination you must, within 14 days of the absence, write to the Examinations Secretary at the Registry giving reasons for your absence. If you are unable because of illness to be present for any paper in the examination or if you believe that your state of health either immediately before or during the examination has significantly affected your performance, you should complete Part I of the Form of Medical Certificate and then give or send this form to your doctor with a request that Part II of the form be completed by the doctor within 2 days of the date of the examination concerned.

Failure Failed courses are recorded on the transcript with an F grade.

hku law gpa

Common Core Courses: Special Proviso in the Determination of the Graduation Grade Point Average Updated on August 15, Applicable to students of the intake and thereafter This special proviso is implemented with the intention of encouraging you to be exploratory in your selection of Common Core courses in order for you to broaden your horizons even more thoroughly outside of your disciplinary studies. All Rights Reserved. Class of honours. CGPA range.The Senate approved recommendations on honours awards and classification applicable to both the 3-year and 4-year cohorts of students admitted in The recommendation establishes that the awards of honours be standardized and sets prescribed ranges of Cumulative Grade Points Average CGPA to determine various classes of honours.

Undergraduate Degree examinations are administered by the Examinations Unit of the Registry. Students taking University examinations are strongly advised to familiarize yourself with the arrangements and regulations. It is a very serious academic offence and the University does not allow or tolerate plagiarism. Any student who commits plagiarism is liable to disciplinary action which can result in serious consequences — including expulsion from the University.

Students should observe and comply with the current legislation on copyright in Hong Kong. If your performance is unsatisfactory, the Board of your Faculty or the appropriate committee may recommend, under the provision of General Regulation G11 and where applicable in accordance with the regulations governing your study curriculum, that you be required to discontinue your studies. You will be accordingly informed by the Faculty Secretary or the relevant committee secretary.

Your case will be considered in the first instance by the Faculty Review Committee and a decision will be taken as to whether your case is referred to the Senate Committee on Discontinuation for a final decision. For both committees, you will be asked by the respective committee secretaries if you wish to make a written representation in respect of your failure s or unsatisfactory performance and you will be invited to appear before the committees. You will be formally informed of the detailed arrangements for the meetings.

It may be issued to a student on application and upon payment of the prescribed fees. You may need this for scholarship or postgraduate programme applications. You may contact the Academic Support and Examinations Section of the Registry at if you have any enquiry. Academic Advising HKU.

Examination and Assessment. Print Preview. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Accessibility Statement.Question:Worry about GPA. I always get B range for my law courses.

Any advice to what I can do to get better grades and how realistic is my concern on getting into PCLL in the future? While you are still in your second year, there are still chances to push up your grades. We suggest you may enroll some other electives to push up your grades as the grade distribution for other subjects are usually better. Meanwhile, do not be frustrated by your law grades. As law is a brand new subject to freshmen, most junior students find it difficult to get along with it well.

Yet, the longer you study, the better you will get. If you feel frustrated, try talk to your tutors, lecturers, your seniors or any of your friends — see if they can offer you some useful advice.

Having question too? Click me to ask!

Prospective Students

We aim to provide the most accurate information but we cannot guarantee that all the information hereby contained are error-free. If you have doubts or follow-up questions, feel free to leave a comment. We will get back to you in due course. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content AMA. AMA We accept question posted either in Chinese or English. Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin.Sammy Fung was knowledgeable and the tutor Benson was quite helpful and funny. Also, the course include a non-compulsory site visit. The professor's voice is hard to hear. Heavy workload make comics and newsletter but bad grade. Hea tutor. Only take this class if you are genuinely interested in linguistics and English.

Be prepared to study lots of different terms. Lecture notes are always uploaded after lecture, so you'll need to come in and discuss. Professor is eager to ask for responses from students so come prepared and do your readings.

Good luck and don't fail like I did. As an engineering student with gpa about 4 but without stat base, feel hard to learn, because they don't teach you detail, they just teach you the result and you won't understand.

The quiz, report and presentation need you to use all the content they teach you. But actually the course is quite hea except the last weeks. The professor never read email, so don't send him an email. For me, the grade at the end turns out to be better than I expected.

The content itself is already boring, so whatever. Some topics are eye-catching like transgender, sex workers in Hong Kong. Dr Lin Song is a very good tutor and his tutorials are not boring. Interactive and fun tutorials, easy course content, not difficult to achieve a decent grade. Not a light workload but hard work pays off for this course. Nice tutor. You must really work hard to get a good grade in this course.

Some of the topics I don't think is related to Buddhism. You should go to the lectures in the first half lectures of the course because the lectures near the end of the semester are not interesting and not really related to Buddhism.

Do speak in the tutorial and not bother to watch all the movies. You should really give your essays to the tutor to give you an opinion first before you hand in if you want an A.

Quiz MC part is basically secondary physics thing, make sure you memorize the powerpoint as there are long questions and the average of quiz is quite high.

hku law gpa

Reg with friends, 12 persons per grp so there may be many freeriders; not as leng grade as before. Worst course and lecturer ever absolutely had no idea what was going on. This course is definitely too hard for year 1 students with no related background or knowledge.

Remember if you haven't studied bio AND chem before, don't reg this course!M ain Assessment Periods. M ain features of centrally administered end-of-semester examinations. S tudy rooms. Nevertheless, assessment periods for individual curricula are approved by the respective Boards of Faculties and there may be examinations conducted outside the main assessment periods.

For examinations arranged directly by the departments, the students concerned will be notified separately. Main features of centrally administered end-of-semester examinations full-time undergraduate and taught postgraduate curricula. There are normally three examination sessions each day commencing at am, pm and pm respectively. The duration of most examinations is either 2 or 3 hours unless otherwise specified. For some examinations, additional reading time is provided.

A candidate at a University assessment who infringes any of the above regulations is liable to be the subject of a complaint before the Disciplinary Committee under the provisions of Statute XXXI-2 1 g. The list of study rooms will be announced in late-October for first semester examinations and late-March for second semester examinations.

The following central classrooms are available to students as study rooms during the revision and assessment periods of the First Semester of December 2 - 6, and December 7, - January 10, :.

Home Sitemap Contact us. The following central classrooms are available to students as study rooms during the revision and assessment periods of the First Semester of December 2 - 6, and December 7, - January 10, : Rooms Revised Opening Hours Main Campus : KK -KK - of the K.

First semester assessment period: December 7, to January 10, Second semester assessment period: May 18 to June 6, revised.

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