Never ask a Romanian if he lives in Budapest. Metallica did it, Lenny Kravitz did it. And many others. But they had bodyguards. His story made Transylvania more famous than any tourism promotion campaign ever could. By using some historical facts, he linked Vlad Tepes, the Voivode of Wallachia, to his main character, Count Dracula, the vampire. Unfortunately, that means foolish tourists now come to Transylvania expecting to see garlic hanging by doors or people walking around with wooden stakes in their pockets.

Transylvania is a peaceful, hilly area with many traditional houses and fortified churches. We are known for being a welcoming nation, and one of our favorite ways of showing it is through food. Some eggplant salad, salted roe, homemade smoked bacon with onions, and stuffed boiled eggs with mayo. Come on, try them all! Do you like the smell of our meatball soup?

"insult" translation into Romanian

Here comes the clay pot full of sarmalenext to a steaming polenta and a jar of cream. You have to taste this! The pork roast seasoned with garlic is almost ready. There are Gypsies all over the world — one million in the United States,in Brazil, and many others in Europe, including Romania. They originated in India and left sometime between the sixth and eleventh centuries. Confusing Romanians with Romanis only makes you sound ignorant. We Romanians are so convinced that a cool breeze or draft of air can make you sick that we even have an expression for it: Te trage curentul.

Craving a breath of fresh air, you move your hand in the direction of the window. Romania has one of the oldest winemaking traditions in the world.

Or tuicaa strong fruity beverage. Even if you have reason for concern, do not ask about hygienic conditions or quality control. We take great pride in everything made with our own hands, so turning it down would be a serious insult.Glosbe English.

Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Got it. English Romanian. English - Romanian. Because i can bear my insult but not sati's.

Romanian profanity

I didn't mean to insult you the other day. At first he made me cry, but I learned not to take his insults personally. Minorities and immigrants are belittled, insulted and targeted by aggressive, discriminatory policies.

how to insult a romanian

Threats, insultssarcasm, and ridicule can be forms of bullying. You've learned how to bear misfortune swallow insult and indignity and still smile.


This gross insult was only a taste of what was to come. Everywhere, there would have been awkward questions The gods'will has been defied, their judgment insulted. An action or form of speech deliberately intended to be rude.

Something causing disease or injury to the body or bodily processes. The act of leaping on; onset; attack. To offend someone by being rude, insensitive or insolent; to demean or affront someone.

To behave in an obnoxious and superior manner over, against. To leap or trample upon; to make a sudden onset upon.So we sat down with him for a few hours and illustrated his favourites.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Romanian: ca baba si mitraliera English: a person object being massively unsuitable for the job in hand. Romanian: se uita ca pisica-n calendar English: looking at someone confused. Romanian: si-a dat cu tesla-n coaie English: shooting yourself in the foot.

Romanian: a avea pitici pe creier English: being or saying something crazy. Romanian: a venit cu mana in fund English: not bringing a gift when you visit. Need to send money to Romania?

Just click here, we got you. Azimo Blog. Faster, safer money transfers Send money anywhere with our iOS and Android apps Make repeat payments to existing recipients in just a few clicks Track your money with email and push notifications Get Started.

Sign up today and get your first two transfers fee-free! Get started. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Both "pizda" and "pula" can also act as a filler swear word, similar to the English "fucking" or "fuck off".

Roughly translating as "pussy" or "cunt", it is a vulgar word for the vulva. It can also be used as "pizda mea" meaning "my pussy". This expression is often said more euphemistically by replacing the expletive pizda with another common noun.

This euphemism is less insulting than the above phrases and often finds its way into informal conversations. A fute literally means "to fuck" and is used in a variety of expletives. Related to a fute are the phrases " a i-o trage cuiva " "to fuck someone"" a da la buci " "to fuck in the ass" and " futai " "sexual intercourse". Women are usually insulted by comparison to prostitutes.

There is a rich vocabulary of insults involving prostitution in Romanian. Literally, these words refer to male homosexualsalthough they are generally used as insulting words towards any male, no matter their sexual orientation.

how to insult a romanian

All three refer to the anusimplying the person they are directed at practices anal sex. Bulangiu has quite a complex and contradictory formation. Bulan is slang for "luck" and also for "thigh", bul is also gypsy slang for "ass". However, the word bulangiu is used to describe a man who is either not cooperative, a backstabber, or ungrateful, and has roughly the same meaning the English ass has in the phrase "don't be an ass!

It carries the same meaning as "moron" or "jerk" in American English, or " wanker " in British English. The expression " a face laba " means "to jerk off". Although they are literally connected to masturbation, in the spoken language they have the same meaning as "jerk", "asshole" or "ass" when referring to an individual. These words derive from the interjection muie! Comparison with animals is another common way of insulting people in Romanian.

Men can be insulted with the term bou meaning "castrated bull". Nenorocitoriginally an old popular word that literally translates as "unlucky" and described a disadvantaged or unhappy person similar to the English phrase "poor devil"is now used in a powerfully pejorative sense with a meaning similar to "motherfucker" in English.

It is used mostly in the vocative case : nenorocitule malenenorocito female. Death is also a recurring element of most forms of profanity in Romanian. Long tirades of various forms of profanity strung together into a syntactically correct sentence is also not unheard of, and the Romanian language certainly allows the formation of such structures.

It is frequently used when addressing children to refer to the vagina. It is often used in conversation with children to refer to the penis.These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Do you want to translate into other languages? Have a look at our English-Hindi dictionary. More information. Context sentences Context sentences for "insult" in Romanian These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

English I voted against this text, which is an insult to the citizens of Europe. English To ask for less would be, in my view, to insult the dignity of asylum seekers. English To deny that it happens, frankly, is an insult to our intelligence. English This is a grave insult to the Netherlands as a Member State. English What is this if not an insult to the Hungarian people?

English In my view, this is an insult to our farmers. English Her outrageous sentence of 11 years' imprisonment for doing her job is an insult to humanity. English It is an insult to the memory of twenty million Soviets who sacrificed their lives to conquer Fascism.

English It is difficult to understand how the leadership of the Czech Republic can consider itself entitled to insult other Member States. English This is an insult to taxpayers. English This is an insult to our wine growers.

English So I do reject the insult of this report.

how to insult a romanian

English This is an insult to democracy. English It is a real insult to Italy. English In the Turkish mind a giaour is considered to be subhuman, which makes it the most offensive racist insult in the Turkish language. English As the whole world fights the vices of illegality, some national laws nevertheless insult the dignity of honest citizens.

English Why are we so unassuming and insult third parties who are part of this legislative process instead of exercising our own rights. English Mr President, if the rules are that something is deemed to be an insult and a Member is asked to leave, that is fair enough.

English As a final insult to the freedom of speech, it also sets out to condemn the rejection of and discrimination against Roma in political meetings. Synonyms Synonyms English for "insult":. English abuse affront contumely diss revilement vilification. English contemptuous disdainful scornful. More by bab.If you choose we will save your position information in a cookie on your system for future predictions.

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how to insult a romanian

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But the Giants have won only two games for a reason. And with nothing to play for, the Giants' early-game boost won't have staying power. The Cowboys need to win out. They take control in the second half and pull away.

The playoff scenarios already look dismal, but the recent win over Washington offered a peek of hope with a month of games to play. A loss to the reeling Giants would rip right back open the wounds of the not-too-distant three-game losing streak and all the questions that came with it. Dallas postpones that uncomfortable day at least another week. The Cowboys would appear to be slam-dunk winners against the hapless Giants. In the NFL, however, rarely is anything is as it appears. The Cowboys rally in the fourth quarter against the Giants and their new starting quarterback.

Dan Bailey kicks the game-winning extra point. I expect Eli Manning's return to the starting lineup to bring an emotional lift to the Giants, allowing them to build an early lead. And then New York will return to playing like the two-win team they've been this year.

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Eli Manning makes his not-so-triumphant return just as the Cowboys figure out who they are. For the first time without Zeke, they realized they can still run, and they'll do it again against the Giants. Meanwhile, Eli proves Ben McAdoo was wrong, but not by a lot.Online prediction input data You pass input instances for online prediction as the message body for the predict request. Batch prediction input data You provide input data for batch prediction in one or more text files containing rows of JSON instance data as described above.

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I think his attitude, his drive to win is stronger. He's done it all season and I think he'll keep doing it. They're matched up with a great team from Alabama.

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