At Leisureshopdirect, we come across many touring enthusiasts who care for their Hymer motorhomes and want to extend their lifespans by sourcing original Hymer Spares from us. Having produced overmotorhomes in half a century, it's unsurprising that Hymer has such a loyal following. At its inception, inHymer was a German craft business producing agricultural vehicles. The first recreational vehicle manufacturing activities started when Erich Bachem and Erwin Hymer built their first caravan in The first hand-built motorhome, developed a few years later, was called "Hymer".

And the camper car line went by the name "Hypermobil". Some six decades into the business, Hymer is still going strong, taking its place at the forefront of the motorhome manufacturing sector. With each passing year, it produces more award-winning designs and innovations. For the thousands of people in the UK who own Hymer motorhomes, Eriba caravans, or HymerCar campervans, we stock a variety of original and fully compatible Hymer parts, spares, and accessories.

Breathe new life into your T-Class Ambition and break new boundaries with your Exsis. Whether it's a Fiat or a Mercedes-Benz chassis, with integrated or semi-integrated bodywork, we have all the Hymer parts, spares, and accessories you need to maximize safety, comfort, and luxury. Browse our catalogue for purposely designed fly screens, insect blinds, folding table parts, and fully compatible self-closing pull-out drawer mechanisms. Replace your lashing rails with new ones to secure your cargo.

Upgrade your overhead lockers with the newest and strongest latches on the market. Buy spare LED strip lights for extra peace of mind when you're on long journeys.

You'll find a variety of standard, dimmable, and touch control lights on our website, as well as Hymer parts for the exterior, including lights, locks, spoilers, and end caps.

You'll also find a suite of high-quality Hymer spares for the sink unit, refrigerator, and gas hob on our website. Redesign your motorhome layout with storage locker partitions and partitioning curtains bought straight from us. Finally, replace your old drawer mechanisms, appliance spares, racks, threaded steps, and bunk ladders with newer, lighter, and more clever versions to minimize your load and save space.

Simply browse our online catalogue for Hymer spares, parts, and accessories, select the products you'd like to have delivered to your door - or even to your campsite - and get ready to write a new page in the journal of your touring explorations.

Not here before? Sign Up. Forgotten your password? Already member? Sign in. Home Hymer spares. Hymer spares. We currently supply spares from the below manufacturers. Please click the relevant logo to find the part you require. If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vision Plus. Whale Pumps. This will NOT fit your vehicle. Yes this will fit your vehicle.

hymer b544 2002

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Second-hand Hymer 544 for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites

Thread starter Dave and Ginny Start date Nov 3, Dave and Ginny. October Hymer B Classic. Just had dealer service with full damp test and comes with 12 months MOT. Excellent original white bodywork with fitted Fiamma awning and two bike rack. Fitted 11kg Gaslow refillable system with external filler and additional 6kg Calor lite.

Tyres all under 5 years old and in good condition. Fully laden weight of 3. The interior is in very good condition having had the habitation area re-upholstered two years ago. The captains seats have quality German fitted seat covers. Beech wood cabinets, rear kitchen with 3 burner gas hob, twin sinks, Fiamma turbo roof vent and fully working 3 way Electrolux fridge. Rear corner shower room with cassette toilet, wash basin mirrored cabinets and shower. Lounge area has 4 seater dinette and is fitted with 4 seat belts 3x3 and one lap belt.The BSL is a well put-together vehicle.

hymer b544 2002

In terms of overall layout, the rear door entrance recess is well illuminated. The kitchen and bathroom are near the rear door, so anyone cooking a meal would have to lay down the law to stop others coming and going and getting in the way. Despite the excellent quality of Hymer craftsmanship, and the presence of many well thought out, practical, luxurious attributes to the SL, there are just as many not so well executed. Sign in Register. The external view of the SL is impressive.

Second-hand Hymer Classic for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites

The roof and walls are insulated with foamed polyurethane to serve owners well in most climates, while the 6kW Truma combi-boiler ensures comfort in winter.

You can even specify V underfloor heating. The waste tap has a Teflon-coated valve to prevent freezing. One key fits all exterior locks. It is front-wheel drive and the cab is equipped, as standard, with air conditioning, electric mirrors and swivel seats. Also in the cab, the moulded, sloping front shelf is not a practical shape — older-model Hymers have flat surfaces which allow a more scenic front view and a handy place for maps.

The seats in the lounge area are comfortable and have a feel similar to duck down — soft and cuddly. There is an unusually large oval dining table fitted at the centre of the seating area. It is cumbersome and makes it difficult for people to get about. We feel that a folding table would be more practical. The windows have good quality, easy-to-use pleated blinds and flyscreens. The lounge windows can be opened with one hand, unlike older models which needed two hands to work the latches.

The deeply set hob has three individual grids over the burners, which is not good if a saucepan topples off one of them. Also, the three control knobs for the hob have been inset too near the front casing and are not easy to use.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. You want to travel on your upcoming holiday, and affordable Hymer motorhomes and campervans allow you to do so by providing you with enough space and comfort.

Perhaps you want to go camping, or your travel plans may be to go somewhere that is without traditional forms of lodging.

Hymer B544 for sale

On eBay, you can choose from different colours, classes, styles, features, and equipment in new or used Hymer motorhomes for sale in the UK at reasonable prices. A large Hymer motorhome may have many different types of equipment built-in, including kitchen equipment. Its kitchen may have a cooker, range, microwave, washbasin, water heater, freezer, or refrigerator.

The big Hymer motorhomes also have electrical systems, including volt or volt lighting. Skip to main content. Filter 1. Shop by Sleeping Capacity. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Classified Ad. Hymer B Year 2. Classified Ad with Best Offer.

hymer b544 2002

New listing Fiat Ducato Hymer 2. Hymer Yosemite 2. Hymer Starline A-Class auto merc 6 berth Rear fixed bed motorhome for sale 6 Seatbelts, centre dinette, over cab bed. Hymer C Camp 2. Hymer Yosemite Euro 6D Automatic. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3. Got one to sell? You may also like.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. Filter 2. All Auction Buy it now.

Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view.

Hymer B544 4 berth rear kitchen and towbar with electrics

Classified Ad. Classified Ad with Best Offer. Hymer B Year 2. Hymer C Camp 2. Hymer Starline A-Class auto merc 6 berth Rear fixed bed motorhome for sale 6 Seatbelts, centre dinette, over cab bed. New listing Fiat Ducato Hymer 2. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3. Got one to sell? You may also like. Make an offer. Shop now. Shop by category. Sleeping Capacity see all. Transmission see all. Not specified. Vehicle Mileage see all. Less than 10, miles. More thanmiles. Colour see all. Safety Features see all.

Anti-Lock Brakes.We thought it would be easy to buy Hymer B front spring replacements, but it turned out to be a bit trickier and took us almost a month to arrange. After a lot of reading up on Facebook motorhome forums, it soon became clear that a low front end is a common problem with motorhomes. It seems that the front suspension springs fitted in most of them are just normal van springs, designed to take the weight of a van — a couple of seats, a bit of stuff in the back and maybe the odd Ginsters pastie.

It really is no wonder they were getting tired. We first realised there was a problem when we parked up in a supermarket car park and the bumper hit the curb and cracked. On bumpy roads the passenger side would bang as we bottomed out on the stops, making us cringe. They discovered that the passenger side shock absorber had sprung a leak and had no oil left in it, so before the MOT they swapped them both. Unfortunately not. The day we were leaving Morocco we hit a huge pot hole in some roadworks and Zagan died on us.

Thankfully some very helpful cannabis farmers I kid you not and the Hymer Owners Group Facebook Forum got us back on the road, and we even made our ferry which of course was running late. It cut out again another time on a level crossing in France, so once back in the UK it was time to do some research into how to stop it happening.

The simple answer is to replace the front springs. This can be done by several companies, so I got in touch with Travelworld Motorhomes as I had seen many people recommending them. After getting back up off the floor, I did a bit more digging around on the internet. They could replace the springs with like for like ones for me, but I had heard that you could get a heavy duty version which would be better for a motorhome, so we agreed that I would source the springs and they would fit them.

As they have loads of different types of springs I needed to find out which were the right ones for Zagan. This is where I got stuck in a loop. Zagan was registered in and even if the chassis has been sitting around for a while there was no way he could have been a base vehicle.

Exhaust for Hymer B544 2002/3

So why were they telling me to buy ones for a newer base? I contacted a couple of motorhome dealers and one of them gave me the same Fiat part number for my springs — a breakthrough, something finally matched. This Fiat part number was for the base Lesjofors part number which still seemed odd, but as two sources had confirmed it was the same number, I was getting a bit more confident.

I paid a bit extra by ordering them from Amazon as I know they have a great returns policy I just walk round to my local post office and send stuff back.

When they arrived, they were huge and about 12kg each. The springs and Zagan were dropped off at the garage and we waited with our breath held.What's New New profile posts New review items Latest activity. Forums Website Help Members. Rallies Monthly Weekly Agenda Archive. Resources Latest reviews. Log in Register. What's New.

Website Help. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter jumar Start date Dec 6, Does anyone know where I can buy an exhaust for a Hymer B year in the Mansfield or surrounding areas.

Parts of the exhaust tail pipe etc may be hymer commissioned and only available from hymer. Is it a Merc or Fiat? Cheers, Dave. But unfortunately it's a Fiat. Try Edgehill Motorhomes - they're bound to now a man that does.

hymer b544 2002

My enquiry,which was for a non Funster friend turned out initially to come to a dead end, this resulted in a proposed trip to Portugal being cancelled. Then by chance along came this Phil Littlewood of Stanfree,nr Chesterfield, who happens to be a relation of ours and who operates as a MOT tester, Mechanic and BMW rally car constructor, offered to make a complete system for the Hymer.

Two days later he had built a complete custom made Stainless Steel system. So Phil would like anybody who needs the same service to contact him. At the moment we are away from home,so contact details are not at hand, I will post next Sunday,28th some more details. Feel free to contact me or post on, for more info.

Please do not book a fitting for first week in July, that's reserved for me. Hi Jock, the replacement has been custom made in Stanfree, Nr Chesterfield, a totally satisfied customer, please read my post of today for all the details before you or others start looking in the EU for systems. OK, returning to base Totana,Spain on Sunday, more details will be posted then. The exhaust systems are being custom made in Stainless. Hi I need a new exhaust on my B, mines is RHD and the current exhaust exits just past the habitation door ie nearer the rear of the vehicle The coach build is obviously a left hand as the habitation door is on the drivers side.

I am assuming I could get an 'off the shelf' exhaust? Exp Since That's ridiculous! Mine took 3 hours! Thanks Jock As far as I can see it looks like a standard one The old one has had bits welded on it.

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