Summoning creatures? Chanter followed by Druid I'd say. Both Priests and Wizards have summons but not as many. Beckoner is always going to be the best summoner. Single class or multi I'm not sure. Multi loses out on the best summon in the game Dragonbut that's going to be a non-issue for the vast majority of your playtime anyway. Both stack. Also great for the whole party. I barely played but my problem with a Beckoner is how short the summons lasts. I find they go away too quickly and they you want a while before respawning some more.

I miss the days of PoE1 when they lasted the whole fight or you'd just keep one foe disabled and go on a rampage with all your summons. What about a Troubadour with Brisk chanting, with the longer lasting summons and faster chanting, they'd always be up. You'd lose your damage burst but you could maintain them all the time, however you'd lose on having an overlapping chant but if all you use is Mith Fyr then you wouldn't lose much no?

Also how long does Shared Flames last? Only on their next attack? If you miss yours do they still get the bonus? I think tried taking a Troubadour with Brisk and chanting a chant that said it lasted 6sec but it only lasted 3sec Does this mean Nature Godlike would increase the duration of summons any clue by how much?

What would be an easy way to keep this buff up for a pure Beckoner? How much duration grows with Power Level? How does this extra duration stack with INT? Well the skill I used it on has "Summon" tag. It might be a high level thing. I tried to use the Empower of the Wyrms and it didn't work either. The Drake has its own empower pool. Not "use empowered summoning" but "use the empower of the Drake".

The 1 problem i've found with summons is the time it takes to use the incantation. For a tank i've found it's easy to get the summons out in the beginning of a fight. What i do is use brisk to get a summon meat shield out quickly and then turn it off to get the effects of 2 chants at once for me, my pets and my melee companions.

So far it works really well. My stats are 16res, 14con, 14int, 14perception. Im think more and more about restarting to switch from perception to dex. I would also lower con by 2 to get an extra point of int and dex. Not sure yet. So a Beckoner can summon 2 Drakes with their own Empowers?

Pillars of Eternity [3.05] - Solo Chanter vs. Adra Dragon

Does each Drake summoning have it's own set of Empower pools?And with 10 wounds you can keep 2 drakes permanently in combat. If one of them dies, it gets reborn. Why Turning Wheel? It does nothing for your summons. Hell, lets do this. Iron Wheel and Turning Wheel are not mutually exclusive by the way. This is a rare case where you can pick both upgrades. Well, I am well aware both upgrades can be gotten. But the fact is the 2 modes are mutually exclusive in their states. Unless we are talking about snapshotting the int bonus in before summoning is done, but I was hoping OP would be the one to point that out.

I'm not even sure if the summons have enough penetration to deal with the toughest enemies in PotD. Also I doubt the summons will always stay alive long enough to protect you. For me the only viable summoner is the wildrhymer who can remain stealthed the entire fight Edit: rechecked: it does not scale with level on skeletons because those use actual swords wich will not get improved with level oversight?

Also skeletons now have swords of poor quality which results in all kinds of bad stuff like damage malus, ACC malus and PEN malus. Same with Ogres: no scaling. No summon scales its weapons.

But higher tier summons have higher base PEN. But seeing now that it doesn't scale at all I will be pretty sure that this is a severe problem at higher levels. Low level summons are only good at body-blocking, dealing lots of small hits Combusting Wounds, Confounding Blind, Death ot Cuts? You will need to summon higher tier summons to keep up the PEN. Afflictions can be countered with gear there is an item for most kinds of resistance and you can combine them with racial resistance and monks can use Clarity and Crucible to take the edge off the remaining lower tier afflictons.

As I already said: You need to cast Hel Hyraf was obviously a no brainer pre nerf, but still works ok. With the upgrade and six summons you generate so many hits that it will last forever on a single enemy. So usually PEN is not a severe problem at mid levels - but as I said it will be bad at higher levels if you don't use higher tier summons.

However- while the prolonged duration via Duality is nice I think that a Paladin is a better candidate for a multiclass with a summoning Chanter. You can switch to Exhalted Endurance or give them more ACC, you can give them more dps via Shared Flames, you'll have better passive defenses and can use other items because you can get several resistances via passives. Build yourself very tanky while using summons as damage dealing cannon fodder is very effective.

It's even ok if skeletons die because they split. I can't say if I like Troubadour better than Beckoner when it comes to summons. The body blocking and dps of twice the summons is really good while the Troubadour is a lot more versatile.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam.

pillars of eternity summoner build

Store Page. Pillars of Eternity Store Page. Global Achievements. What is currently considered the most OP build? So, I'm looking for a fun, OP build to dive in with. Last edited by SideWinder98 ; 10 Oct, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 42 comments. There are a lot of parties that do well on the highest difficulty setting. The best party has a mix of different functions, but probably has at least: a character who can tank for about 10s, a priest, and enough CC to immobilize a dangerous target long enough to kill it.

It works well but there is a lot of micromanagment since you want to chain CC abilities so that the enemy never has a chance to act.

pillars of eternity summoner build

There are a few broken items that can help certain characters do well, a high intellect Barbarian can do well with the spear Tall Grass as can a Ranger with the bow Stormcaller.

Adacanavar View Profile View Posts. Dexterity is pointless so really you can lower it as far as it will go that will give you plenty of points to spend in whichever stats you want to make your build better. For a tank you want max resolve, constitution, and as far up as you can get your preception.

After lowering dex its all about play style currently I am running a fighter almost to the end of act 2 solo on hard I run into problems in stun locking combat but really thats the only thing that slows me down. He has 20 max might 3 dex 15 con 10 per 12 int and 16 resolve. Really this game is easy with the correct character build and appropriate strategy I have also respeced him on talents and abilities from time to time because sometimes like at the start of the game certain abilites are better for getting through to level 6 solo than others.

Pfft Spiritshifting druid is most powerful melee build now. Originally posted by SideWinder98 :. Originally posted by kensaidog :. Last edited by Adacanavar ; 12 Oct, am.

pillars of eternity summoner build

Adacanavar That's a bold claim. Your Steam profile is private unfortunately, so one cannot take a look at your POE achievements.

Do you claim that the following page is wrong? I've played a lot with different builds and have had better results with high DEX.Race: Death Godlike since they look the coolest.

As for the sub-class Ghost heart is not an option cause it cancels out the summons. I used to take a sharpshooter, but i think the downsides are to steep. Right now I prefer the stalker. The extra bonus from the defenses are nice for pet and char, especially since mine is a glass canon and pets are not that sturdy. Most other chars are front liners, while your pet will act as a personal guardian, if anything slips past your frontline. In certain fights it might be okay to go closer with the Char and use the pet for additional damage.

In very difficult battles you can kite with " Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of his Tribe" and the other speed perks and keep on summoning and firing back. So far for now, i only tested it for the early phase of the games. Please tell me what you think! In very difficult battles you can kite with "Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of his Tribe" and the other speed perks and keep on summoning and firing back.

I'd recommend having at least 8 CON. Additionally, summoning invocations are categorized as "Non-Offensive," so they cost more Phrases for a Skald to use. Definitely use a Troub, Beckoner, or even a no-subclass Chanter if you plan to do lots of summoning.

Well the description in the Charselection just says weapon crits and i chose a ranger class for they have the most accuracy. The extra phrase for the summons isnt too steep of a price since with high int they stay long enough. And in my experience the 2 phrase-" The Thunder Rolled like Waves on Black Seas" is really helpful if something comes too close.

Skald's phase on crit: only melee. The description is misleading. You can trust us on this one. Pick Troubadour or Beckoner.

Troubadour is more flexible and useful overall unless you "abuse" the many weak summons of the Beckoner in some ways like killing them with Grave Calling or using Combusting Wounds or so. Yeah, even for a melee Chanter, a Troubadour in Brisk Recitation mode can spit out Offensive invocations at about the same rate as a Skald can. Probably better, if no crits are flowing in. It's probably sub-optimal, overall, but I still like Skalds for non-summoner melee Chanters. You get fast Offensive invocations without giving up Phrase linger, so you can keep 2 phrases up most of the time with decent INT.

The bonus phrase on crit is a nice boost when it happens, but not crucial to the concept. Troubs are far more flexible, but I don't like having to decide whether I want to be in passive or active mode all the time.

I do not completly understand the troubadour, and his modal. COuld you explain it to me in more detail? Basically, the Troubadour modal causes each phrase to take 3 seconds to chant instead of 6 seconds, but removes the linger time on the phrases.

Since the phrases take half as long to chant, you can build up phrases for invocations much more quickly and reliably than with any other chanter subclass. That being said, the tradeoff is no linger, so you'll generally want to stick to one phrase that you chant repeatedly. EDIT: No linger means that, after the 3 seconds of phrase chanting is done, the effect of the chant should also be done and the next one begins.

Like hansvedic said. Also, since you do chants in 3s instead of 6s if you wish, the chant that constantly spawns skeletons spawns them every 3s instead of 6s. Both fo them spawn skeletons, 1 can summon dragon for Frightening Aura mostly and they unleash ranged dmg Too many skeletons to handle for mobs.

Or you can go crazy and do a party of 5 chanters.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Pillars of Eternity Store Page. Global Achievements. Because I want it no I haven't beaten the game as of yet either but I was wondering what kind of build I should go for? Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Come come soft winds of death. Blessed was Wengridh, Quickest in his tribe 2. The dragon thrashed, the dragon wailed. This chant is INSANE what you do is you assign this chant to the left most chant in your quick bar then activate and deactivate it every second Incantations: 1.

But Reny Darets Ghost, he would not rest. Trice she was wronged, and trice justly avenged. Traits: 1. Weapon and Shield style - Every solo or tank should get this early on. Cautious Attack - Very useful for chanters since your minions will be dashing out the damage until you reach level 9 then you will be the main focus.

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