Recommend Documents. These rates shall be the basic rates in Kerala Public Works Department until further revision. D Skelton and subsequent order,issued by Schedule of rates and 30 Times for R. High Level Bridge, Soriankuppam. Date of Birth.

Date of Joining. Remla Beevi. Bridges Section, Karunagappally.

Rate Analysis

Untitled - Kerala PWD guidelines for the various organisations in the building sector. While energy LD UD rev.

pwd rate analysis

O Ms No. Chapters Any item of work not provided in the contract schedule of rates but required to be executed will. For bore wells. Schedule of rates Schedule of Rates. This Delhi Schedule of Rates Electrical is useful not.

Delhi Schedule of Rates Schedule of rates - tahdco.The Philadelphia Water Department strives for sustainable utility operations to ensure that we are capable of meeting the social, economic and environmental demands of a 21st Century water utility. We want you to get involved! The Philadelphia Water Department provides many opportunities for you to learn about water and play a part in the health of our rivers and streams, the source of your drinking water.

In NovemberPhiladelphia voters approved an amendment to the Charter to allow City Council to establish, by ordinance, an independent rate-making body responsible for fixing and regulating rates and charges for water and sewer services. Topics Businesses Residents Visitors Government. Your voice drives us to improve.

Disability Assistance Rate Table

Su voz nos motiva a mejorar. PWD uses proven treatment practices and participates in groundbreaking research to provide drinking water that consistently exceeds EPA standards. Read our Guide for Customers.

Learn how to get the most out of the services that the Philadelphia Water Department provides. Create an account at our new e-billing site to go paperless and get free AutoPay and more!

Customer Assistance Programs. We have new ways to help people with lower incomes, those experiencing special hardships and senior citizens get fixed, lower monthly bills. Phone Issues Philadelphia Water and Water Revenue Bureau are experiencing technical difficulties with our telephone lines.

Thank you for your patience while we work as quickly as we can to resolve the issue. Updates will be provided as necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience. Fairmount Water Works Public Education Community Resources Water Rate Board In NovemberPhiladelphia voters approved an amendment to the Charter to allow City Council to establish, by ordinance, an independent rate-making body responsible for fixing and regulating rates and charges for water and sewer services.

About Philadelphia Water Department Whether providing safe water for residents to drink, supplying water for industries to manufacture goods, or protecting the region's water resources, serving our customers with quality has been our commitment throughout our nearly year history.

Newsletter Sign up to receive construction updates, information on customer assistance programs, and our newsletter that links you to resources for getting your business ready to participate in Public Works projects. Join our list! We have suspended water shutoffs and are waiving fees.This new due date supersedes the original notification and any reminder emails that providers may have already received. More information will be distributed when the RMTS resumes.

What should happen if an employee who provides administrative functions ceases to work for or is hired to work for the provider during the study? RAD develops payment rates or rate ceilings in accordance with these rules and agency policy guidelines. The intended frequency of cost report submission is on a biennial basis rather than annual basis. A provider who participates in the Attendant Compensation Rate Enhancement or the Direct Care Staff Compensation programs rate enhancement are required to submit accountability reports in the years that they are not required to submit full cost reports.

Schedule of Rates

Providers are notified of the requirement to submit this report in an HHSC Rate Analysis letter that specifically requests this report. Providers who do not participate in the rate enhancement program are only required to submit cost reports every two years; no reports will be required in the interim years as long as they continue to be non-participants in the rate enhancement program.

Preparers of LTSS cost reports and accountability reports are required to attend training on a schedule that is related to their cost reporting deadlines. Please note that due to the schedule of the implementation of the change in submission requirements, preparers of the following programs will be required to take the Cost Report Training regardless of whether or not they attended the Cost Report Training:.

Will this RMTS be ongoing? This is a time limited RMTS designed to run for one month. The expected time study dates are May I received an email from PCG regarding a staff roster.

What is the purpose of the staff roster? Who should be included on the RMTS staff roster? Employed staff who provide administrative functions including those staff who periodically provide direct care including: administrators assistant administrators owners electronic voice verification staff administrative staff, including program administrative staff and any other professional and nonprofessional administrative personnel such as Financial, Clerical, Human Resources, Information Technology staff facility and operations, including maintenance and transportation staff central office staff Who should NOT be included in the staff roster?

The time study randomly emails participants throughout the length of the study, so each participant must have an email address to receive surveys. Emails will contain a link to a survey website, where participants will select an activity from a list. If any staff do not have an email address, please include them on the roster so we may track all staff who are unable to participate.

For those RMTS participants that cease to work for the provider prior to the start of the time study — If feasible, the supervisor or provider should notify PCG by April 27, PCG can stop notifications provided to that employee. For staff who are hired after the staff roster is submitted and through the duration of the study — Due to the duration of the RMTS and the training needs, these individuals will not participate in the RMTS. Will participants receive information and training before the time study begins?

Each participant listed on an agency roster will receive notifications about the time study and invitations to training opportunities in advance. What if you have additional questions? Please leave a voicemail with your name and number and PCG will call you back as soon as possible. Even-Year Cost Reports Beginning with cost reports, collected in This blog is dedicated to all the engineers who follow the DSR I read many queries on various sites and forums from engineers regarding preparation of estimate, analysis and justification statements.

pwd rate analysis

Tuesday, March 30, Softwares available for estimation, analysis and justification based on DSR Hi, This blog is dedicated to all the engineers who follow the DSR This software is being used by more than 55 Govt. Departments and many Private Builders through out India: By use of software ESTAthe working of Engineers has changed drastically and their efficiency has been increased many folds.

Multiple Database Multiple Database can be run on Esta i. Estimate Estimate can be prepared by selecting the items and entering the quantities. Abstract of cost will be generated automatically with cost index, contingencies and departmental charges. Justification Statements Two types of justification statements will be automatically generated based on updated analysis. The 1st one is the conventional and the 2nd one segregates the SR-items and Market rate items in separate groups.

Furthermore there is no limit on the number of tenderers to be entered with Esta Schedule for Agreement Schedule of work of agreement can be prepared by selecting the tenderer serial number. Part Rate Statement Part rate statement is automatically generated for each running bill prepared and can be printed directly. Cement Consumption Statement Cement Consumption statement is automatically generated for each running bill prepared and can be printed directly. Extra Item Statement Extra item statement can be prepared by selecting the items in the same manner as in estimate.

Substituted Item Statement Substituted item statement can prepared by selecting the agreement item to be substituted and then the item by which it is to be substituted.

Deviation Statement The Deviation statement is automatically generated and can be printed for every running bill and final bill.

Sequence of Operations All operations has been arranged as per the procedure adopted by most of the Public Works Departments and other Engineering Departments in the following sequence: 1. Analysis of rates and justification statement. Preparation of comparative statement of tenders received. Schedule of work for agreement. Running account bill. Part Rate Statement.

Cement Consumption statement.The capacity of doing work by an artisan or skilled labour in the form of quantity of work per day is known as the task work or out turn of the labour.

The out-turn of work per artisan varies to some extent according to the nature, size, height, situation, location, etc. In well organized work less labour is required.

The following may be taken as the approximate quantity of work or out turn or task for an average artisan per day.

Brick work in lime or cement mortar in foundation and plinth. Brick work in lime or cement mortar in superstructure. Brick work in mud mortar in foundation and plinth. Brick work in mud mortar in superstructure.

Brick in cement or lime mortar in arches. Brick in cement or lime mortar in jack arches.

pwd rate analysis

Half brick wall in partition. Coursed rubble stone masonry in lime cement mortar including dressing. Random rubble stone masonry in lime or cement mortar. Ashlars masonry in lime or cement mortar.

cost estimate of road #quantitysurvey

Stone arch work. Lime concrete in foundation or floor. Lime concrete in roof terracing. Lime concrete ;4. RB work. RCC work. Pointing with cement or lime mortar. White washing or colour washing coats. Painting or varnishing doors or windows one coat. Coal tarring or soligum painting one coat. Painting large surface one coat. Distempering one coat. Flag store floor laying with lime or cement mortar excluding LC. Brick on edge in floor lime or cement mortar excluding LC.

Brick bat floor as in above. Timber framing sal or teak wood. Door and window shutters paneled or glazed. Door and window shutters paneled or battened. Sawing hard wood. Sawing soft wood. Single allahabad tiling or mangalore tiling.Read more here. This is an alert about something very important!

Please read this important alert about this very important thing!! After exhausting options for using non-structural design and disconnected impervious cover DICthe designer is required to evaluate and document infiltration feasibility when using stormwater management practices SMPs as a strategy to comply with the Philadelphia Water Department PWD Stormwater Regulations Stormwater Regulations. If infiltration is deemed feasible, the designer must use infiltration SMPs, such as bioinfiltration basins, to comply with the Water Quality requirement.

If infiltration is not feasible, the designer must document justification for this condition with an Infiltration Waiver Request Form Section 3. A slow release rate requirement associated with the Water Quality requirement is also applicable only to non-infiltrating areas in combined sewersheds. Efforts to maximize development potential should not preclude the use of infiltration SMPs. This Section details the infiltration testing and soil assessment procedures required for the selection and detailed design of SMPs.

If conceptual SMP locations and footprint areas have not yet been determined, the designer should return to Section 3. PWD recommends that preliminary soil analyses and infiltration testing be completed during the conceptual SMP design phase. This is strongly recommended because the results can be used as a planning tool for identifying areas that are favorable for the construction of infiltration SMPs and more thorough investigations.

A number of these scenarios will require further investigation before determining infiltration feasibility and SMP layout. For projects where infiltration is not feasible due to full build-out designs where ground-level space is not available in the proposed site layoutinfiltration testing may not be required.

The applicant is encouraged to contact PWD Stormwater Plan Review to confirm if the full build-out design is eligible for an Infiltration Waiver Request Form prior to waiver submission. After conceptual SMP locations have been determined for the project site, the designer must complete the infiltration testing and soil assessment process illustrated in Figure 3. Each step of this process is described within the following Sections.

Figure 3. The designer is referred to Section 2. Prior to conducting infiltration testing and soil characterization at the project site, the designer must prepare an Infiltration Testing and Soil Characterization Plan Testing Plan. The Testing Plan must be developed to meet the requirements within this Chapter and, at a minimum, must indicate the following information:.

An example Testing Plan is included as Figure 3. This figure is generic and does not represent the required density or spacing of tests as documented within this Section, but demonstrates how to illustrate the minimum Testing Plan requirements described above. The hatched rectangle delineating the proposed SMP location and proposed test locations are dimensioned from a fixed object e.

The designer must adhere to the soil characterization requirements in Section 3. Prior to conducting geotechnical testing the appropriate density, type, and spacing for each test must be determined using the requirements provided. Soil characterization and limiting layer identification provides a visual assessment of the soil profile that is supplemental to infiltration testing results.

Understanding the characteristics of soils in which infiltration testing is conducted provides the designer with better insight into the testing results and feasibility of installing an infiltrating SMP at the project site. The presence of limiting layers such as groundwater, bedrock, or impermeable soils within two vertical feet of the infiltration footprint of an SMP is prohibited. This can result in water migrating to, and emerging within, topographically low areas.

The presence of groundwater in close proximity to the infiltration interface could increase the potential for groundwater mounding. Further characterization of subsurface soils can provide information on the underlying site conditions or evidence of limiting layers below the infiltration interface. Therefore, PWD requires that soil excavations be performed beyond the proposed infiltration interface SMP bottom elevation.

As testing progresses, the testing professional must document the presence of any limiting layers, groundwater presence, and in situ observations of soil characteristics. PWD also requires soil sampling for laboratory soil classification to further supplement infiltration testing results. These soil characterization methods must be conducted in conjunction with the required soil sampling.Construction cost estimator is designed to automate and speed up the process of Estimation, Analysis, Tendering and different related tasks.

EasySpec automates the estimation or rate analysis activity for the contractors, builders, architects and Government agencies. It enables quick drawing out of justification, tender works, contractor bills, analysis of rates and different set of statements with various types of standard data. This civil estimating software reduces working time and improves productivity. In Easyspec when the rate for any particular material changes it is automatically applied to all the related items for that site.

Thus, enabling the client to have estimation with new rates and this facilitates the client to have the exact costing for every material group, rates of which may vary at various sites.

This building estimating software reduces working time and improves productivity. Thus, enabling the client to have estimate with new rates. This facilitates the client to have the exact costing for every material group, rates of which may vary at various sites. EasySpec has a rate analysis Master library. The library has more than items, the data of which can be accessed while working out any estimate.

This not only enables one to have the rate analysis at hand but also speeds up the process of estimation and billing. Profit-percentages and other overheads can be added to items as per requirement.

Estimates can be made alternatively with changed profit percentages to enable the contracting agency to check out the best deal. The list of total material is generated group-wise, which can be segregated with respect to the groups i e floor-wise.

EasySpec generates vital reports required for estimation and tendering.

pwd rate analysis

It stores a master database of various important rate analysis required for estimation. Besides, quantities obtained from AutoScan can be directly transferred to EasySpec - a construction cost estimator. With building estimating software, estimates can be done with optimum speed and accuracy and allow one to have a look at the various permutations and combinations before one can finalize the rates.

Home Estimation and Rate analysis. Key Features of Construction Cost Estimator. Has connection to MS Project. Has connection to Excel.

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